Modern kitchen cabinets.

Homeowner’s who desire to remodel their kitchen dream of a modern kitchen.

What is a modern kitchen?

A Kitchen includes the following: walls, ceiling, kitchen cabinets, appliances, counter tops, plumbing and electrical fixtures.

 All these elements are designed to display form, function and style. Current products from which kitchen fixtures and building materials are forged are constantly innovated to produce a more efficient and/or functional product. Based on this information, you may conclude that a kitchens which contain the newest materials is a modern kitchen.

Since all new kitchens are modern, it would be more accurate to talk about the style of the kitchen. The contemporary kitchen is the latest style that keeps trending. This style implies that all contemporary kitchen cabinets, when connected, form clean vertical and horizontal lines creating a sleek design.

European kitchen cabinets.

A kitchen cabinets design includes the cabinet carcass, doors, drawers and hinges.

Modern kitchens offer carcass options that are made from particle board or engineered board. Since the assembly technology originated from Europe, this kitchen cabinet design is called European Kitchen cabinets.

Production of kitchen cabinets is regulated by:  Cabinets Manufactures Association Certification (KCMA).Our showroom only sells kitchen cabinets that are certified by KCMA. 

Base and wall modern European cabinets have ecological panel in wood particles coated in melamine resin,18 mm thick, European E1 class at low emission of formaldehyde. In Italian kitchen cabinets use REHAU LaserEdge™ is an innovative adhesive-free laser edging technology.. LaserEdge is applied using a highly efficient laser that melts a color-matched functional layer on the reverse side of the edge-band and welds it to the carrier board. Такие kitchen cabinets call green kitchen cabinets.


Costume cabinets doors.

Slab flat doors more popular shape for European modern kitchen design.Most popular material are natural wood veneer and High presser laminate.

The new material is "Fenix" laminate. FENIX materials are highly resistant to scratches, abrasion, dry heat, acid-based solvents and household reagents.FENIX surfaces have a unique non-porous external layer, allowing the material to stay neat with simple, everyday care and cleaning methods. They are also suitable for contact with food.

Drawers fore base cabinets.

More popular drawers Are Blum INTIVO and Blum Lergrabox. Drawers available in grey ,black and stainless material. Totally full extension guides with
integrated Smart Stop soft closing Blum in grey colored metal, automatic soft closing, with 30 kg load. Tested for 80000 opening.

Hinges for wall cabinets.

Hinges in pressed steel  with quick clutch allowing the adjustment of door in three direction. Opening at 90 and 155 degree.  Tested  for 100000 opening.

All new material you can see in Grittel showroom schedule an appointment on +1(323)350-0680.